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"Books don't need batteries." - Nadine Gordimer

Technology has changed and evolved so much over the years but has it improved our lives? Has it helped or hindered the way students learn. One downside as highlighted earlier this year by Sydney Grammar's principal, is the cost. The school banned laptops labeling them as a "scandalous waste" of money, arguing that it "distracts from old-school quality teaching". You can read more about the schools controversial stance here. When education is an area so often underfunded, the cost of modern technology can be a hard point to argue with.

"distracts from old-school quality teaching"

Not every school can afford a class set of laptops or ipads for each student. Not every family will have more than one computer with high speed internet at home. Here's Edtechs explanation on the benefits of technology in education. With both sides considered you might be wondering how do we as an educational technology company justify the need for technology in schools?

The key for us has always been to make each students education experience equal. That's why we provide a cloud solution - it allows us to provide the highest level of service and features at the lowest price. Students don't need special devices or apps or software to use the system and teachers don't need to waste time and energy on hardware.

SmartLibrary Cloud was made (and the newer version currently being developed) with one key goal. Two students sit side by side. One student struggles learning in a traditional classroom. The other naturally excels with traditional studies and is an advanced reader - both can use SmartLibrary Cloud at school, both can use it at home and both students are engaged in their school work - but in different ways.

We believe in the traditional technologies, books and writing, face to face learning and the sacred learning space - the library. Not every student will be engaged in the same way. Technology has provided options for every student to learn, even if they all learn differently. This means no student will be left behind and it also teaches students to seek out education in their own way - preparing them for university, tafe and the "real world". We also believe in the power of technology to pique the interest of students who are now brought up with technology pouring out of their ears. We believe in education, engagement is key - and modern technology creates engagement.

"We believe...in the sacred learning space - the library."

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