MultiMedia & Bandwidth

The ever growing web of information is becoming more and more impacting on the generations of today. Statistics from an independent statistics agency (Statista) shows that in Australia, the average individual owns 3.1 internet connected devices.

What does this mean for our infrastructure?

A) Load on the Internet Service Providers

Many of you would have heard of the recent failure with Telstra's networks. The overwhelming demand of access across their infrastructure caused many outages across Australia leaving the access craved generation without connection.

Daily there are outage reports from Internet Service Providers from all over the globe, whether due to faulty equipment, high demands or human accidents these outages are usually fixed quite quickly.

B) Data Abusers

We all know at least 1 data abuser, be it a digital pirate or a professional IT operator. These are the data users who go beyond the internet usage of Facebook, Twitter and "Which celebrity wore it best" searches.

At a global scale, the most recent case of Data Abuse was John Szaszvari. To apologise for their outage, Telstra decided to have a 1 day of Free Data for all their customers. Most people would be ecstatic and would have thought to do things like, download their favourite playlists from Spotify, download their top pirated movies or maybe even their favourite Pintrest photos. Mr John Szaszvari took it to the next level and downloaded a whopping 994GB of data (just shy of 1TB). To put it into perspective:

- The average file size for a 1 hr TV4Education program = 120MB

- The average Facebook user will use 2MB of data every minute

- An average Youtube user will use 28.22MB of data every 5 minutes

The total cost of Mr Szaszvari's endeavors was $10 000.

C) Wealth of information

Not only is there databases and databases of information for us to sift through, with the recent trend in Vlogs & Blogs, the average Joe now has a portal to post Factual, Semi-Factual, Rhetorical & Fictional articles on anything they desire.

When performing a simple search of 'Volcanoes' in Youtube not only do users receive results for Volcanoes & Tectonic Plate Shifts but also music videos for bands we've never heard of, gaming console modifications &... Jackass pranks.

The internet is becoming a scary place for the next generations.


So what is Functional Solutions doing about it?

A) Load on the Internet Service Providers

To assist schools with keeping their broadband costs low and internet usage at a minimum, we are:

1) Liaising with Government and Governing bodies to reach mutual agreements to host data inside Education networks. This means when accessing content from TV4Education or SmartLibrary, your user's never leave the schools network.

2) Liaising with Internet Service Providers to bring educational institutions free internet usage for TV4Education content. These types of agreements have already been arranged with multiple providers, depending on your schools governing bodies and internet service providers. For more information, please contact our support staff.

3) Locally Replicating Libraries. This no cost, optional feature of TV4Education Cloud allows our system to automatically cache approved copies of programs from TV4Education to your schools local servers. - This means that whenever a student clicks play whilst at school, 0 internet is used. However, when they open the same program at home and click stream, the file will still stream but from our cloud services.

100% transparent for your students and teachers.

B) Data Abusers

By branding the SmartSuite as your school's central learning hub it provides a host of management benefits.

1) Full user usage tracking and reporting

2) Multi-Levelled content access (e.g. ensure your students aren't accessing content which they shouldn't be)

3) Provide enhanced researching skills through federated engines moderated by administrators

4) Full user lockout controls -> If you find individual users (either students OR teachers) abusing the access to content (e.g. watching all the 'Rainy Day' programs OR downloading AFL, Game of Thrones and Top Gear Episodes), simply reduce the individual users access or lock them out completely.

This levels out the access to all users at your institution instead of having 1 or 2 users utilising all the bandwidth and everyone else having to "make do".

C) Wealth of information

The SmartSuite has the ability to connect with most of the online tools available to Australian Schools today:

- TV4Education

- Google


- AusLii

- Pledger

- LibGuides

- YouTube

- Wikipedia


- Fairfax News

- Britannica

and much more...

Furthermore, using SmartSuites enhanced security and user controls, administrators have the ability to:

a) Show and Hide databases from users or user groups

b) Track access and usage of users or user groups

c) Manage content security

d) Manage lessons, study activities and flipped classrooms

By providing a central research portal governed by strict security protocols, you no longer have to be concerned of students ending up on:

- Unreliable websites

- Viewing improper resources

- Receiving suggestions for content which has nothing to do with their educational research

Professional Development


Do you know how to:

- Configure new users for TV4Education Plus?

- Allow users to modify their TV4Education Profiles?

- Train your curriculum staff on getting the best out of TV4Education Plus?

- Show your teachers how to create dynamic research links for students?

These are only a very brief summary of the wealth of features available in SmartLibrary v2.

We do not expect any partner to be able to take advantage of 100% of these features within the first 12 months of usage as we understand the demands of daily operations.

However, to assist you in keeping up your technical skills, technology pedagogy and to ensure you're always challenged, we are hosting more and more webinar sessions.

These sessions are designed to keep you engaged and in the know with new features available for you and your schools.

Professional Development certifications can be provided for any of our sessions that you attend, all you have to do is register and attend.

Click the Unlimited Training graphic above to view the latest upcoming webinars and their topics.


v3.0 Update

Our Research & Development team have just showcased the new v3.0 search engine to the company.

The first system on the market to never display '0' results available. - How does it work? No... we don't just display random information. No... the system won't generate guesses for what the user has seen in the past.

v3.0 will also be the most intuitive search engine on the market, we won't display information based on Alphabetical Order or by Catalogue Date. - How will we display?... You'll have to wait and see.

v3.0 is going to radically change the Library and Content Management industries.


Hot Support Topic: Global Change - Authority File Search

Have you looked up a subject and found:




Cat - Fiction

Cats - Fiction

and wanted to tidy it up?

SmartLibrary has a host of Global Changes which will help you tidy up your data. The Authority File Search - Global Change will allow you to move all resources from 1 authority file (in this case subject) to another subject. (e.g. Cat, Cats, Cat-Fiction, Cats - Fiction and move them to Cat - Fiction).

Once this global change has been actioned, you can then delete all the authority files no longer required.

To take advantage of this Global Change, simply...

1) Log into the SmartLibrary Knowledge base: using your Functional Solutions UserID & Password

2) Click Cloud

3) Expand Global Change

4) Click Authority Files Search

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