TV4Education Has Changed!!

As you have probably already heard, we are excited to announce the release of our new TV4Education service with more...

TV4Education Plus

TV4Education Plus is a free upgrade for all partners subscribing to a Functional Solutions' Cloud product and has already been applied. To help you navigate through the new upgrade, here's some FAQ's to get you started.

How do I access the new service?

TV4Education Plus is an update to the TV4Education Content library and can be accessed by navigating to: and clicking on the Search button.

Can my teachers add content into my schools library directly?


With the change in the industry, the need for AV teaching materials has become more demanding creating heavier workloads for the library staff.

TV4Education Plus now allows teachers to add content directly to the schools library themselves BUT, still allows the library administrators total overall control to moderate the schools educational content.

Can my teachers add personalised tags for searching the programs?


TV4Education Plus now allows teachers to access specified fields to add additional tags into the programs' record.

These fields are specified by the system administrators so if you don't want to provide access for your teachers to add search tags, you don't have to.

Can my teachers preview content before they add a program into the schools library?


By clicking on the 'Camera' icon in TV4Education Plus' new search interface, the teachers will be able to preview any portion of the program for a maximum of 10 minutes.

What if a teacher adds inappropriate content?

TV4Education Plus can be configured in two ways to assist with managing security.

1) Once a program is added, all users have access (teachers & students). The administrators then need to elevate the security level to restrict access to lower year levels

2) Once a program is added, it is given Teacher Only access. Administrators will then need to lower the security level to provide access to students

All programs added are tagged with the users' details so administrators can verify the content added by each teacher and disable a teachers add rights if required.

Can my teachers see only the content that they have added to the library?


With SmartLibrary v2.1.4 teachers will have a toggle button allowing them to navigate between "Schools Library" & "My Library" (my library showing only the content that user has added from TV4Education Plus).

Furthermore, using SmartLibrary's Virtual Shelf technology, teachers can create a unique URL which will show only items matching a specified search criteria (e.g. My Content for Science - Inertia).

Is TV4EducationPlus a SmartLibrary Federated Search area?

The TV4Education Plus federated search will be available only to partners who receive the SmartLibrary v3.0 upgrade pending for middle of this year.

All features and functions currently available on will be available PLUS:

- Video Editing

- Worksheet linking

and much more

How do I get started?

We have developed a host of tutorials and technotes on how to use TV4Education Plus but first, we must setup your teachers.

To save you the work, we will perform the basic setup of the teachers to allow you to focus on learning the administrative functions. In order to assist you with this, we need a *.CSV file containing five (5) pieces of information. Click Here to download an example *.CSV.


Once we have this information, we will perform the staff configuration and will provide you with tutorials on how to utilise TV4EducationPlus.


Professional Development

Do you know how to:

- Utilise Virtual Shelves in SmartLibrary? (not Virtual Bookshelves)

- Create a Learning Pathway in SmartLibrary?

- Link book trailers and author commentaries into the OPAC?

- Use the performance booster in Circulation?

- Create a new User Tailored Catalogue template?

- Configure a new data source for the Global Catalogue module?

These are only a very brief summary of the wealth of features available in SmartLibrary v2.

We do not expect any partner to be able to take advantage of 100% of these features within the first 12 months of usage as we understand the demands of daily operations.

However, to assist you in keeping up your technical skills, technology pedagogy and to ensure you don't get bored, we are hosting more and more webinar sessions.

These sessions are design to keep you engaged and in the know with new features available for you and your schools.

Professional Development certifications can be provided for any of our sessions that you attend, all you have to do is register and attend.

Click the Unlimited Training graphic above to view the latest upcoming webinars and their topics.


v3.0 Update

Our development team have reported positive feedback regarding our first round of in-house testing for v3.0.

Our brand new search engine is set to be the most intuitive and functional on the market to date.

v3.0 the next generation in Learning Hubs.


Hot Support Topic: Temporary Borrowing Dates

SmartLibrary has one of the simplest and most advanced loan limit system today.

But what happens when your at circulation and you don't want to abide by the systems configured loan limits?

Let's say a teacher wants to borrow a resource for 12 months but their system limit is only Semester loans?

Or a student is going on school camp next week but they have an assignment due in 3 weeks?

Override Due Dates or Temporary Dates.

Temporary dates allows you to insert any date at the time of circulation for a resource to be due. This will override all limits configured in the system and use the input date as the due date.

For more information on how to use Override Due Dates or Temporary Dates simply...

1) Log into the SmartLibrary Knowledge base: using your Functional Solutions UserID & Password

2) Expand Circulation

3) Expand the Circulation sub-menu

4) Click Temporary Borrowing Dates

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