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Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template
Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template
Solutions that run like a dream.

reliability and Security

Did you know that we are the only company that own and operate our own cloud system? This means that we can actually guarantee that your data is protected and won't pass through the hands of a third (or sometimes fourth) party. It also means that we monitor your system 24/7 to ensure your students have uniterrupted learning capability.

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Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template
Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template
Our focus is Students.

21st Century Students

Students are used to everything being at their fingertips - mail, shopping, entertainment, even their social lives, and education should be no different. That's why schools are now using cloud systems for everything from mail to library systems. Going cloud with Functional Solutions means more features, without spending more money. BYOD? No problem! Flipped classroom learning? Easy!

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Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template
Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template
Screens students will want to come back to

All about looks

Our library management solutions are visual focused and customisable, so you can tailor the look and feel to your school and your students. We also make sure our solutions are not on apps or players, so students can open any browser, on any device and get going straight away.

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Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template
Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template
One system, multiple uses.

Easy to use

With us there's no trade off between functionality and ease of use - you can have both. We have rural primary schools with 30 students using our system, multi campus secondary schools and top level corporate organisations all using the exact same system. How can every customer use the same system? It's easy to use and it's customisable. The system grows with you. With unlimited training and support - nothing is ever out of reach.

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